Jola Sopek

BA (Hons) Photography – Work in Progress 

tumblr_nld6xnGqKV1slv4yao2_1280 tumblr_nld6xnGqKV1slv4yao3_1280 tumblr_nld6xnGqKV1slv4yao4_1280 tumblr_nld6xnGqKV1slv4yao5_1280

“An eternal day” (photobook): work-in-progress from Jola Sopek.

Jola works on long-term projects in the form of photo-essays. She believes that when it comes to shooting, quality and quantity go hand in hand – in order to tell a good story one requires more than just a single image. In her practice she explores the notion that photography works like a jigsaw puzzle which can only by solved by shooting extensively. The practice lends itself to creating a highly personalised reality where the only rules are visual and sensory.

Jola is interested in the history of photobook publishing and alternative ways of displaying photography. She’s also a member of Latent Image Collective

Jola Sopek is always posting new work on her blog at and isingthebody



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