Rachel Townsend “Terrestrial Bodies”

BA (Hons) Photography – Work in Progress 

Edinburgh Napier University final year photography student Rachel Townsend will be showing new work from “Terrestrial Bodies” as part of the Photography BA (Hons) Degree Show & Festival of Creative Industries 2015.

image © Rachel Townsend 2015 all rights reserved.


Check out Rachel Townsend new work in progress
Follow her on tumblr: www.rtownsendphoto.tumblr.com/

Rachel says about the project…“Terrestrial Bodies is a new project that aims to explore our relationship with images of space. Inspired by images from the Rosetta mission towards the end of last year. This work attempts to tackle the feelings of disconnection I felt when viewing the images taken hundreds of millions of miles away. They were too real, too clear. I expected blurry, grainy shots and so I found it difficult to believe that these images could have been taken so many millions of miles away. This project is my imagined journey into space, creating my own versions of celestial bodies from terrestrial objects.”


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