Video: BA (Hons) Film Students Major Project Screening

Last night Edinburgh Napier’s Film students unveiled their final projects to family, friends and staff at the university during a screening at Edinburgh’s Filmhouse Cinema.

The event, which took place as part of #Ednapdegreeshow, included ‘Lock Stock and Barrel’- a documentary about a family-run beer company- from director Sam Williams. Elsewhere, Edinburgh Napier students Joanna McLure and Ailsa Hay showed off ‘Martime’, while Director Anna Velikova showcased ‘Pork with Pickled Cabbage’- a film based on her family’s Christmas tradition back in Bulgaria.

Also included in the show were ‘Two Worlds Apart’- a film based on a Japanese cartoon- ‘I Found These Feelings’- about an alien invader- and ‘My Story’- a documentary surrounding the life of a homeless man from Glasgow.

The films were well-received by the audience, and the students were delighted they could relax after showcasing their project.

Take a look at the video below to see some of the highlights from the event.

For more work by Edinburgh Napier students, make your way to the Edinburgh Napier Degree Show tonight from 6pm and keep up to date with social media on Twitter @Artsednapier and Facebook on School of Arts and Creative Industries.

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