On display: Photography Student Jefferson Wilcox explores surrealism


Scottish Born student Jefferson Wilcox talks us through the reasons behind his surrealism inspired final year photography project- titled “searching”. This is the first time Jefferson has fully committed to surrealism in his work, describing it as something he “dabbled in” before, but never fully investigated.

“Searching” explores the notions of identity, belonging and transition using visual investigations inspired by surrealism.

Although these are concepts that most people come across at some point in their life, Jefferson has based the series on his own particular experiences of education and travel, especially during the past six years. He has gone from being quite unsure of himself to finding direction and places he feels he belongs. This series shows different aspects of his development.

By incorporating landscapes and locations that have been important to Wilcox’s personal development, and other images that are intended as a visual state of mind, he aims to show the narrative of transition and belonging. The initial images in the series reflect an absence of identity, yet the subject eventually develops into an established identity and finds places of belonging.

for more information on the Edinburgh Napier degree show and events, visit us here

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