Today’s events:public lecture, music recital and more!


Privacy: An Endangered Species?

Time 1-1.45pm   FREE   Book free ticket http://www.eventbrite or simply pop in!

Room F10  Merchiston Campus.

In this public lecture, Dr Alistair Duff, professor of information policy at Edinburgh Napier University, will explore some of the important issues surrounding privacy.

What exactly is privacy? Why is it valuable? Is it, as many say, in crisis, threatened by information and communication technologies in the hands of corporations, the state and other powerful organisations? The lecture will relate some of the best academic work on this highly controversial topic, and then apply it to some important domains, for example, CCTV, government surveillance, the population census, and education. Duff will then try to draw some overall conclusions and makes some recommendations for the future.

This 30-minute lecture will be followed by up to 15 minutes of discussion time.


2pm  Recital Room (A78) FREE

Dave Hook provides a  Sound Poetry Performance

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