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Watch: Degree show launch night

Take a look back at all the goings on from our amazing degree show launch night.

Friends and family gathered with students to celebrate the host of talent that was produced this year, with awards being given to some of the more stand out student projects.

For more information on the degree show and all our events visit us here

Photography by Kieran Reiss Delaney, Films by Karlie Simmonds

Gallery: More than a degree show 2016 launch night

Here you can find all the photos from this years immensely successful launch night. Press, Members of the public, friends and Family all joined together to help our students celebrate the incredible work produced for 2016’s final year projects.

It was an eventful evening with one of the best turnouts Napier has ever had! With a whole host of awards given and a fair few bottles of bubbly drank (Courtesy of Tennants), we believe it was one of the best launch nights yet!

You can see all the images from the evening below.

Photography by Kieran Reiss Delaney.


First look: graduate films hit the big screen

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Edinburgh Napier 2016 graduates enjoyed a fantastic preview of their film projects on Wednesday at the Historic Edinburgh Filmhouse.

Friends and family as well as members of the public gathered in the retro screening area to enjoy a two hour preview of this years students’ final film projects. Graduate projects covered a whole range of themes from dark but humorous “Oh, Morris” created by Lewis Kyle and David Fraser, to the frank documentary discussing how society views women “it’s her body” by Miranda Stevenson.

ds 8.jpg
Filmmakers David Fraser (Left) and Lewis Kyle (Right)- creators of student film “Oh, Morris”

This year saw a high number of female directors come through the screen academy with a total of five female students undertaking their own creative endeavors.  Directors Olivia Middleton (Isla) and Rebecca Kilburn (Small Venture) discuss the trials and tribulations of creating a film masterpiece.

Degree show events are running from the 20th-29th of may. for more information on all our events visit us here

Films produced by Karlie Simmonds, photography by Kieran Reiss Delaney

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Take A Tour Round #Ednapdegreeshow

Check out the video below to have a look round Edinburgh Napier University’s 2015 Degree Show, on tonight until 31st May from Merchiston Campus. 

Video: BA (Hons) Film Students Major Project Screening

Last night Edinburgh Napier’s Film students unveiled their final projects to family, friends and staff at the university during a screening at Edinburgh’s Filmhouse Cinema.

The event, which took place as part of #Ednapdegreeshow, included ‘Lock Stock and Barrel’- a documentary about a family-run beer company- from director Sam Williams. Elsewhere, Edinburgh Napier students Joanna McLure and Ailsa Hay showed off ‘Martime’, while Director Anna Velikova showcased ‘Pork with Pickled Cabbage’- a film based on her family’s Christmas tradition back in Bulgaria.

Also included in the show were ‘Two Worlds Apart’- a film based on a Japanese cartoon- ‘I Found These Feelings’- about an alien invader- and ‘My Story’- a documentary surrounding the life of a homeless man from Glasgow.

The films were well-received by the audience, and the students were delighted they could relax after showcasing their project.

Take a look at the video below to see some of the highlights from the event.

For more work by Edinburgh Napier students, make your way to the Edinburgh Napier Degree Show tonight from 6pm and keep up to date with social media on Twitter @Artsednapier and Facebook on School of Arts and Creative Industries.

BA (Hons) Film Students Project Screening

Last night 4th Year BA (Hons) films students shared their final projects at the Filmhouse. Photos were captured by Inessa Rychlik.

The Degree Show & Festival of Creative Industries starts tonight at 6pm. Head along to our Merchiston campus to view the student’s creative work and to chat with them about their creative processes.

Edinburgh Napier Undergraduate Film Show

Filmhouse 1 on Wednesday May 20th at 6pm.



Director Joanna McClure, Sound Designer Ailsa Hay

12 minutes

‘My Story’

Director Eleni Kollatou

11 minutes

 ‘I Found These Feelings’

Writer/Director Demi Sutherland, Writer/Producer Eilidh Mitchell, Cinematographer Dawn Farquharson

14 minutes

‘Lock, Stock and Barrel’

Director Samuel Williams

11 minutes

‘Crawl Space’

Director Kathryn McGrane

8 minutes

 ‘Two Worlds Apart’

Writer/Director Zygimantas Sapronas, Producer Anna Velikova, Cinematographer Rasmus Rani

11 minutes

‘Pork with Pickled Cabbage’

Director Anna Velikova

16 minutes

 Technical Presentation by
Alex McLaren and Ross Buchanan
 School of Arts and Creative Industries
0131 455 2206

Undergraduate Film Screening

I Found These Feelings (film still)

Duration 80 mins             Edinburgh Filmhouse            6pm

Tickets at the Filmhouse

There is a refreshing emphasis on documentary filmmaking in this compilation of short films from final year Edinburgh Napier undergraduate students.  We meet bat conservationists and celebrate their enthusiasm for these fascinating creatures. We take a poetic look at the sea through the eyes of those most in contact with it.  By the end of the screening, you may also be hankering after a pint of real ale and a ham sandwich.  The strange world of fiction is not to be outdone, however.  There are mysterious spirits abroad, not to mention aliens from another world.

I Found These Feelings


Director/Original Idea – Demi Sutherland
Producer/Screenplay – Eilidh Mitchell
Director of Photography – Dawn Farquharson

‘I Found These Feelings’ is a short sci-fi drama about an extraterrestrial being, disguised as a girl, who feeds off her friends humanity and learns that, for the first time, she can feel emotions. Our protagonist is faced with challenges she never had before and with her new found conscience she must think about her actions and what she is doing to her friend. ‘I Found These Feelings’ is an emotional drama that we hope will make the audience think about what it means to be human and the consequences that come with the ability to feel.